Jeng Non-Alcoholic Drinks

Cheers to a Guilt-Free Experience

Get ready to indulge in a delightful drinking experience that is free of alcohol and guilt. Enjoy refreshing flavors and make every moment special.

If you are looking for alcohol-free drinks, we have got your back. Sipoes offers a wide selection of zero-proof drinks by Jeng. These drinks are known for their exquisite flavors and high-quality ingredients.

Whether it’s a friends’ outing or you want to enjoy some me-time, Jeng is your perfect partner. Their natural, fruity, citrusy, spicy and refreshing flavors will take your senses to a ride of delight. Make your moments cherishable with Jeng non-alcoholic drinks. Check out our collection of drinks and mixers to find your new go-to.


What are Jeng Non-Alcoholic Drinks?

Jeng became popular because it is changing the way people drink. It produces both CBD and THC infused versions of non-alcoholic drinks. Mixologist-inspired, these drinks offer you a great taste and make you feel good. 

Jeng Non-Alcoholic Drinks are famous for their amazing flavors and aroma. Made in Montauk, these drinks are rigorously tested for quality. Some other qualities of these amazing booze-free beverages include:

  • Top-Rated
  • Vegan
  • Gluten-Free
  • Caffeine-Free


Jeng Non-Alcoholic Drinks: Your Companion for Social Events

Alcohol is the part and parcel of every celebration or event. The reason for this is that it makes every occasion more fun and enjoyable. But what about those who don’t drink? Well, in most cases, they end up feeling excluded and left-out. This is why we have created a one-stop shop for you where you can sift through so many flavorful non-alcoholic options.

No need to rely on sugary, flavorless mocktails to fit in a social circle. Just grab a can of Jeng alcohol-free drink and enjoy your time!


Why Choose Jeng Non-alcoholic Drinks?

Want to enjoy a light, refreshing beverage free of alcohol? Jeng drinks are the best choice. Here is why:

All Natural Ingredients

Jeng is transforming the way people see non-alcoholic drinks. After all, these drinks are made with the finest all-natural ingredients – a wholesome choice for non-drinkers.

Delicious Taste

No alcohol doesn’t mean that the taste will be bad. Jeng mainly focuses on providing their customers with the most delectable taste in alcohol-free drinks.

Perfect to Relax

These drinks are infused with THC and CBD. So they make for the perfect option if you are looking for something that helps you unwind and de-stress.

FAQs About Jeng Non-Alcoholic Drinks

Jeng drinks contain CBD and THC, which make them great for relaxing.They are light and will make you feel slightly buzzy but can never lead to a hangover.

Usually, Jeng starts affecting you 5-10 minutes after you have them. However, it can take even half an hour for some people.

Jeng is definitely a better choice than a lot of other drinks, especially sugary mocktails as it is made with natural ingredients and has less sugar.