Dhruma & Hetal Shah

Founders of sipeos


We launched sipeos to increase awareness of and access to great tasting, healthier non-alcoholic beverages.

As many of us recognize, drinking often takes center stage at social events, whether it's a casual evening with friends and family or a mid-week outing with colleagues.

Those who do not drink alcohol, or those who just want a night off from it, usually find themselves limited to water or, even worse, a sugary mocktail. This choice can sometimes make them feel excluded from the festivities, despite the best intentions of friends and family. We know the feeling; we've been there ourselves.

Fortunately, the landscape is changing. Beverage companies are investing heavily in crafting non-alcoholic versions of beers, wines, spirits alternatives, and mixers. Bars and restaurants are beginning to expand their non-alcoholic selections, but there's still work to be done.

Our vision? That every social gathering, whether large or small, offers as many non-alcoholic beverage options as alcoholic ones. We're here to champion and contribute to this change!

Why the name sipeos? Eos was the goddess of dawn in Greek Mythology. sipeos represents the dawn of great tasting, healthier non-alcoholic sips.