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Curated Selection of Adult Non-Alcoholic Beverages

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Frequently Asked Questions

The non-alcoholic beverages we offer contain less than 0.5% ABV (FDA guidelines for non-alcoholic classification).

No, even if you consume multiple drinks with 0.5% ABV or below, you will not get intoxicated. For perspective, orange juice can contain up to 0.73% ABV, while grape juice can reach 0.86% ABV.

Non-alcoholic drinks typically contain fewer calories and don't pose the health risks associated with alcohol. They're a good option for calorie-conscious individuals or those avoiding alcohol's impact. Nonetheless, it's wise to review the nutritional info, as some might have sugars or additives.

While non-alcoholic beverages aim to replicate the flavor profiles of alcoholic drinks, there may be subtle differences in taste. Advances in production techniques, however, have led to non-alcoholic options that closely match the taste and complexity of alcoholic drinks.

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